Floral Basket

I am working on oil pastels these days and thought I would share my latest picture. Hope you like it. My hands are still paining with all the colouring.Image

What do you think? My teacher was very happy with this but she wants me to make one more picture and if she likes that too then I can start with another media (may be water colour or oil paints πŸ˜€ ).

I hope she likes my next picture (I haven’t even started working on it yet).


Embossed Painting


Yummy Ice-cream

Isn’t my ice-cream yummy? I made it from a paper cup and plaster of Paris. And then decorated with different colour papers πŸ™‚

Material Used:

  • A paper cup
  • Decorative paper
  • Plaster of paris (PoP)
  • plastic spoon
  • news paper
  • scrap paper
  • used bowl and wooden stick to mix plaster of paris with water
  • plastic bag cone and rubber band


  • Take a paper cup and decorate it with decorative paper
  • Fill it up till 3/4 th with crumpled news paper
  • Take Pop and mix it with water in a old bowl and stir it with a wooden stick till it has a smooth consistency. Pour it in a platic bag cone and close it with a rubber band. Cut the plastic bag cone at the tip. The tip should be cut about 1 cm so that PoP can flow out easily. make sure to wear gloves while working with PoP as it gets hot when mixed with water. Also make sure it is not too runny. Work fast with PoP once its paste is made.
  • Make swirls of PoP in the paper cup over the news paper and give it a shape of ice-cream as showed in the picture. Make sure you have put the spoon before you start pouring PoP in the cup.
  • Pleave PoP to set for a while. Once set, decorate it with coloured papers as you like to give the effects of tutti fruity or cherry as shown in the picture.

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